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2022-04-27 18:29:07

DEVARTLab is a national company specialized in the field of pharmaceutical industries in the Egyptian market with a workforce covering all Egypt under the slogan of “Together for a worthy life” since 2011, DEVARTLab strives to be a leader in the field of nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products in the Middle East. The company has set a benchmark for discovering, developing, manufacturing and marketing such products over the past years in the Middle East and Africa.

DEVARTLab started marketing its products in the Gulf markets since 2018 starting from Oman and the UAE and we have expanded the business in several new markets to cover sport nutrition, fast moving healthy foods & medicines that address many chronic diseases. In addition, we established two factories, one specialized in dietary supplements and special foods and the other is specialized in manufacturing and producing various pharmaceuticals.

Job description :

·        Organizing appointments and meetings with community- and hospital-based healthcare staff

·        Identifying and establishing new business

·        Demonstrating or presenting products to healthcare staff including doctors and pharmacists

·        Meeting both the business and scientific needs of healthcare professionals

·        Attending and organizing trade exhibitions, conferences and meetings

·        Reviewing sales performance

Job requirements :

·        Bachelor’s degree in medical or pharmaceutical sciences .

·        At least 2 years’ experience in Oman . 

·        A valid  Driving License is a must .

·        Pediatrician/gynecologist experience is preferred.

·         Selling Skills

·         Expert in using Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.

·         Track record of at least 2 years of valued performance.

·        Impactful Presentation Skills .

·         Planning and organization skills.

·        Fluency in English required. 

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Medical Representative